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May 2021

Some favorite Islamic story books that my kids love

There are lots of books and authors that write great stories inspired from Islamic values.

I have mentioned only some of them here along with some cute insights from my kids as they read some of their favorite Islamic story books.

The ABC of Allah Loves Me

This is a really cute book that teaches kids the different names of Allah using each letter of the English alphabet. It inspired my child to draw the name “Allah” in Arabic for the first time. He also mentioned how it helped him learn how to talk to Allah. There is a focus on what Allah loves, His infinite power, and to be grateful to Him.

Ilyas and Duck

“Ilyas and Duck” stories make great Eid gifts as they cover the topics of Ramadan, Eid, and Zakat in a super fun way for children. The characters really come to life and the books make multiple references to Islamic teachings and the Quran in order to stay relevant. My kids enjoy Duck’s enthusiasm and especially love the animal facts in “Search For Allah” which chooses animals that are rarely found in traditional children’s books. It was very interesting to know that the hoopoe bird is mentioned in the Quran!

The Blessed Bananas

I know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this one is just so beautiful. All the animals really capture our attention and the colors inside the book are vibrant.

This is a great book about sharing and being generous. As a banana lover, my son loves to see all the bananas falling from the plant. He also learned from this book that bananas are growing from a “plant”, not from a “tree”!

It's Ramadan, Curious George

We often used to read this as a bedtime story with my boys right before the start of Ramadan and they still enjoy looking through the pages, especially the one showing a spread of food at sunset!

It encouraged my kids to ask me for their favorite treats when it was time to open fast. My 7 year old told me he especially likes this book because he can’t believe Curious George is learning about our holiday!

Learning My First Arabic Words

This is a great introduction to the Arabic language for your little ones and the pictures are vibrant. My 5 year old cannot read Arabic script yet, but he was still able to figure out the words by reading the transliteration. For example, he read the word dolphin in Arabic as “doolfeen” and was so proud of himself! He also loves ocean creatures, so that definitely helped boost his interest ☺ The board book is easy for little ones to hold and turn the pages too!

Written by Uzma Aziz

Uzma Aziz, originally from the East Coast, is a wife and mom to three enthusiastic explorers whose love for learning is a driving force in her life. She hopes that they along with other children grow up to gain a natural love for Islam through some of its beautiful teachings of peace, kindness, and charity. Uzma enjoys wholesome eating, a good laugh, and hiking adventures.


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