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5 ways to make your Eid day both exciting and stress-free

Planning for Eid can seem like a daunting task. There can be so much prep work involved with cooking, then also making sure everything goes according to plan and that everyone has a good time..

So let's explore some fun ideas for a memorable Eid!

#1 Meet at a park!

I am so grateful for local friends and family. This year we all met up outdoors at a park which means no one had to worry about hosting at their place or creating a checklist of a million things to do.

It was first-come, first-serve so we didn’t have to worry about making reservations. The kids played on the playground, the moms enjoyed a nice chat while getting our mehendi / henna done, and the dads played sports with such amazing weather!

#2 Make it a potluck!

The best part of meeting at a public place is everyone brings food to share. Everyone pre-selected what they were going to bring; including snacks, main courses, side dishes and even the paper plates, water and juices. There were plenty of yummy treats for all the kids!

#3 Bring the fun with you!

Bring a soccer ball, a basketball, badminton rackets, some bubbles, and go at it! This year some friends requested a mehendi / henna artist which really brought in the Eid spirit!

#4 Dress up!

Who says you still can’t dress up at the park? It’s Eid!!! The best part of Eid is that you can stay in your Eid clothes all day if you want, whether you are home or going to a restaurant, or at the park!

#5 Exchange gifts

In addition to the gifts they received from their grandparents, it was so thoughtful for our children to receive presents from their friends too! When I asked my son if he was excited to receive so many presents just like our friends do on Christmas, he said “I love being Muslim because of Eid.” And that melted my heart.

Uzma Aziz, originally from the East Coast, is a wife and mom to three enthusiastic explorers whose love for learning is a driving force in her life. She hopes that they along with other children grow up to gain a natural love for Islam through some of its beautiful teachings of peace, kindness, and charity. Uzma enjoys wholesome eating, a good laugh, and hiking adventures.


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