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Whether it’s Eid or any other celebration, parents are usually perplexed about what to gift their children. It must be toys which are fun but also educational. Kids Eid’s gifts can be quite a task to find. If you’re looking for something different for kids gifts for Eid, there are a few options you might like to consider. 

A craft set is an amazing gift for young girls who may be interested in pretty things. Parents’ involvement with the child will make them enjoy the gift more. If you as a parent teach them to embroider, sew and knit with these kits, the child will enjoy not only the game, but also your company and learn a new skill. 

A board game seems like a usual gift to give, but don’t forget that board games have come a long way since. 

Books are a wonderful way to stimulate children’s minds. The beautiful stories in the books full of wisdom help a child to grow up well adjusted. Start your children on popular folklore, almanacs, joke and riddle books. It’s a good idea to get your child hooked to picture books to increase their interest in reading. Books are a great Eid gifts for kids. 

A stationary set can set your child’s ablaze with creativity at a young age. Drawing books, crayons, colored pencils, gel pens and colorful paper can unlock your child’s creativity for years to come. It is said that children develop personalities till the age of 7. Introduce creativity much before that and watch your child blossom into a little Picasso.

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